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Sunday, February 08, 2004

I'm channeling Kay

As my "break" from my mad burst of studying (mostly taking the sample quizzes over and over again since they cycle the questions), I made lemon chutney and ginger-pear muffins instead of giving my ass a well-deserved rest. I did weigh the pears this time but 2 lb is too much. Will keep revising the amount of pear DOWN. Still have the pear syrup factor, although the muffins are delicious enough (in my variation, which replaces all spices with ginger) to keep bothering.

Okay, so I am really NOT channeling Kay. Kay would make a three course meal.

I am done studying for the evening. I will probably boil some noodles (so I can have pot roast, noodles, and gravy) and if I get ambitious I will grate cheese for enchiladas (tomorrow night's project).

Food note for studying - I descended on See's Candy a week before V-day to buy caramels and toffee. I even survived Trader Joe's on a Saturday afternoon to get caramels. I ate the See's toffee last night (feeling guilty because I did NOT study at all) but got good time in this morning (without hitting the candy again - that started in the afternoon). Happily Andronico's sells Almond Roca so I didn't have to fight the Valentine's hordes at See's any more. Half that box is gone but I did study for the full first test so that's ok. I can always replenish next weekend, AFTER V-day.

I am SO glad that I am normal weight so don't have to add the guilt of bribing myself with candy to the "I am not worthy" schtick I'm already feeling on this.

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