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Monday, February 16, 2004

Duck Soup?

I've been taking it veeerrrrry easy today because I got extremely ill last night drinking N's excellent wine and E's great champagne. I have all this lovely food in the fridge (including the duck main course I never got to eat!) but I had canned chicken noodle soup and toast for lunch. The roast chicken should be ok for later.

That was truly embarassing. I managed to avoid such excesses when I was in college, and it's one aspect of "a happy childhood" or misspent youth I would have rather done without.

It's a gray gloomy rainy day, which doesn't help my mood. (I think my "cucumber luck" still holds - buy a cuke, the weather gets cold. I bought a cuke for Middle Eastern chopped salad - maybe I will make it tomorrow or Weds to have around.)

In other food news, there was a piece about Scharffenberger Chocolates on weekend All Things Considered, for V-day. It is a hallmark of how much I am concentrating on my studies that I heard it and thought "oh how nice" and went back to sticking my nose in my books.

Since I have gone through the quizzes a couple of times now and my back hurts, it's time to take a break - some tea or cocoa (Scharffenberger!) would be nice.

Were it not pissing down rain outside, I would go up to the Pasta Shop for some Italian candied orange peel for Grand Marnier truffles, but it's not worth getting wet for.

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