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Monday, January 19, 2004


I made the chicken enchiladas last night. After I got into a car accident. I thought it was a good sign that I was okay (could operate a knife, after all) but I covered the pan ... and left it out overnight (after eating the small pan for my dinner - only ten tortillas fit in my big pan, so the other 2-3 go in a small dish).


Into the trash it went. I gave myself a monster case of food poisoning (the week before my brother's wedding - fortunately it was all done by the time I flew out) by eating some turkey casserole that had been left out overnight. Never again.

I went to the Mexican market and Country Cheese after I got the rental car (mine needs to be in the shop for a couple of weeks getting body work done) but will try black bean when I am up to grating cheese again. (Which I manually grated, and it went pretty speedily.)

I do have lunch for tomorrow - last of the minestrone.

Forgot to take my knife in for sharpening. Saturday, I think, unless I leave early on Weds.

I have had this urge to make lemon chutney because I have been rereading Laurie Colwin's books. This is odd since I am not a chutney fan. I do, however, have a very productive lemon tree. (Speaking of which, one of my jars of preserved lemons broke, but it was clean and I repackaged the lemons. They seem getting close to done but I am concerned since two jars of the six I have used so far have had problems.

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