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Friday, January 30, 2004

Back to the Bowl

Well, I did make a second pan of enchiladas, eventually, and managed to not leave those out. Mmmmm, cheesy goodness. Black bean and corn this time.

I am in the mood for pot roast. I have most of a can of pizza sauce and half a bottle of not-great red wine from my brother's cellar cleanout. What is notable about this is that I feel like braving the Berkeley Bowl to get the chuck roast. I have not shopped at the Bowl in a while because it's physically exhausting. With any luck I can get the roast in the oven before I go off to the salon tomorrow (since I am getting my toes done it will be a while).

As I was lying on the acupuncture table last night, I was working out what I wanted to do for dinner (eventually decided to go home and have enchiladas, even though I had them for lunch) and my B-Bowl shopping list. The idea of making the Soybean Succotash Stuff came to my brain (mainly because it was so good with the red pepper gravy from the potroast). Brain thinking along normal directions. Yay.

Must remember to get lemonade, and check the price of salmon. Still deciding whether I want a chicken too; have not had roast chicken in a while since natural chicken is way too expensive other places.

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