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Sunday, December 28, 2003

The case of the missing vegetables

I was driving home early on the day after Christmas so decided to stop at the Dixon fruit stand. But I must have left one of my carry bags at the store because I just went looking for the bag of lovely green beans I bought ... but they aren't in my fridge, and aren't in the car either. No sweet potatoes and no snow peas either (it was an excellent price on the peas and beans). Wasn't the only thing I spaced on that morning (left my raincoat - eep). Will have to decide if I still want to make minestrone for my lunches next week (adding lentils for New Year's good luck) or will go for curried lentil soup instead. I think I can eat the mushrooms with something else.

I did manage to pick up the bag with the avocadoes, which was good since I have been living on turkey-roasted tomato-avocado sandwiches lately. Yum.

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