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Wednesday, August 20, 2003

Getting back to normal

The anemia has meant that I haven't gone to the farmer's market. I have gotten some good stuff at the Berkeley Bowl, though.

Slowly getting back into the food thing. Dinners have been very basic (steak tacos mostly). First effort back into production cooking was the Chicken Provencal from Cook's Illustrated (pretty good). I did also make 2 kinds of truffles for Dad's birthday and the raspberries didn't mould this time (lately they have been by the time I get to them). So slowly easing in.

I have some lovely heirloom tomatoes, so might indulge myself in summer type salads ... Greek salad maybe even though the FOG has returned and taken the kitchen stuffiness with it. Let's see if I am up to making a vinegrette.

I did get some Chateaubriand at Andronico's since it was on special (not much more than the steak I usually buy) and was food without an exhausting trip to the B-Bowl. Amazingly good. Opened up an Aussie Shiraz to go with it that was like butter. Rosemount, will look up year.

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