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Sunday, July 13, 2003

Whoo hoo

Well, the mini FP is da bomb for shredding cheese, once I got the correct parts installed. I passed on chopping up the onions and peppers in it, though, since it really was time for a dishwasher run. I did figure out how to get the bowl detached so it could go in the dishwasher rack.

I got the Soybean Stuff done this morning. I will probably do the enchiladas this afternoon. The cheese shredding is really the most time consuming part (well, the onions and peppers do need to be sauteed, but that's for some reason not as onerous). The fridge is filling up with Good Cooked Things, rather than with Good Things which Need To Be Cooked.

Noontime mini snack - white peach, apricot, and a fig from the yard with mascarpone cheese and lavendar honey. Yum.

Off to declutter the house some, and declutter my yahoo mailbox (filling up).

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