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Sunday, July 13, 2003


I'm wiped. I feel completely asleep when I was having a little lie-down during the BBC news and was very zonked during my afternoon errand run. But I finished making the enchiladas. Except for breakfasts, the only thing I have to worry about next week's meals is containerizing them.

Still have remnants of the cold. Will start on the vinegar and honey again. But felt up to eating one of the Real New York bagels (from the freezer) with some of the smoked whitefish Elissa brought me from Zabar's. This has been a Day of Nosh, appropriate for the schedule and the eventual heat. I had half of one of the berry tarts before I went off on errands. I will have the 2 enchiladas in the au gratin dish (my big pan fits ten and I always make twelve as to not have leftover corn tortillas) for dinner tonight.

Will make the middle eastern chopped salad tomorrow. I think unloading and reloading the dishwasher is going to about do me in tonight. I am definitely NOT up to making pita!

Might do some cleaning in my large cabinet over the fridge, though ... I'm still thinkin' about that ice cream maker ...

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