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Friday, July 18, 2003

This and that

In Food-Related News, an elderly gentleman hit the gas instead of his brakes and plowed right through the Farmer's Market in Santa Monica. I was upset by this news, one, because I was concerned that my friend Kay was at the market (she wasn't, happily), and two, because this was kind of like the Arsenic-in-the-Church-Coffee thing ... it's something that is completely innocuous (and something I do a lot). Actually I had been thinking I needed to start making time to go to the Saturday Berkeley Farmer's Market and see if they have Real Tomatoes. I have, impressively, been able to find Real Peaches occasionally at good groceries, and not just the Berkeley Bowl.

Still have hairballs! Still haven't made the middle eastern chopped salad. I might try pita again (oh yeah, that was part of the Lost Post - will be doing that one in bits and pieces to fill in) this weekend to go with it. I might be up to the work involved.

Starting to shed some of the small amount of extra poundage (I'm not thinking I'm fat, here, but at the top end of my normal range) acquired in My Month of Food, which is good. Especially since I want to try making pie pastry (regular) in the FP. With summer fruit. I still have loads of food in the fridge but do need to go to the Bowl tonight to get meat, milk, stuff for next week's breakfasts, and maybe some more makin's for what I call "That Soybean Stuff". Since I actually typed out my "recipe" for rec.food.cooking, I'll dig it out and revise (my formatting was crap since I posted thru google) and post it here. With the truffle recipe. And I'll put them on my recipes page.

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