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Saturday, July 12, 2003

Obviously still recovering

I am obviously not back up to snuff yet because I am pretty wiped out from my efforts so far in the kitchen, although I do have some lovely berry pies and in about half an hour I will have some roast chicken to show for it. I haven't made the enchiladas or the soybean succotash yet, although I did cook all six ears of corn and cut the kernels off. So I'm getting there. I also found the manual for the FP which explained how to put the shredder disk in the FP.

Corn tip, from a Cook's Illustrated reader: Get a cookie pan with sides and put a towel in the bottom. Scrape off the kernels in there. They will not go flying all over the kitchen.

Part of my Lost Post was that I thought it was dangerous that there was a Williams Sonoma at the newish Bay Street mall three miles from here (actually on the other side of the railroad tracks from Chiron, where I worked for years). But I went to the mall at 2.30 this afternoon and it was chaos in the parking structure. So I might not be terribly tempted to run over there and spend money all the time after all. I exchanged some things I had bought for Noel and Ayse (they already had spreaders, and I have enough that I can't justify keeping them for myself). Got myself some small items, including a truffle scooper for my cousin Ami so she can make them. I am still debating whether to buy the Cuisinart Ice Cream maker since they are doing a deal where the second bowl is free. I'll try to do some kitchen organizing this weekend and see if I can justify the space :-). Odd because I don't eat that much ice cream. Maybe my "It's a Deal!" is kicking in. Of course there have been some HOT HOT HOT days this summer and ice cream sounds good. Actually it sounds good today. I might go over to Andronico's and get a pint of Ben and Jerry Vanilla to go with all this yummy summer fruit I have (More figs on the tree, apricots, peaches) and let the berry pies wait for me.

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