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Saturday, July 19, 2003

My Best Friend's Wedding

(this post will probably both at Berkeley Farm Girl and Love and Cooking)

Part of my blog hiatus was getting one of my best friends hitched. It was a very nice, but rather exhausting weekend. I spent much of Friday helping them around the house as sous-chef and gopher (rehearsal, and rehearsal dinner for 25, was at their house). I got to use my Kewl New Knife Roll, which the bride's caterer-but-traveled-by-plane mother appreciated, and was seriously impressed by Noel's kewl espresso machine. From Bread Coffee Chocolate Yoga I learned that it might be a Rancilio Silvia. Now I want one. It makes my Krups look like a toy.

The wedding itself was at Fern Cottage in Kennedy Grove, in the east bay hills. It was a perfect (indeed warm - I was toasty in my suit) day. The ceremony was quite Episcopalian (as I said to Elaine, "I know my lines"), the venue was in full garden bloom, and the only cloud was that my shoes HURT. One thing I liked about it is that there wasn't a SINGLE DAMN FOOFY BOW around. It's like they bothered about the things that I think are important, and let the rest slide. The cake topper was a Hello Kitty one - yes, the joke got taken that far. But it was adorable.

The favors were espresso cups ("From Ikea!" the bride and groom said) and they were arranged on a table with flowers strewn over them. It looked like a gift table but it was for us.

I went home and took a nap. Later I went over to the house and hung out. I think I finally got the present wrapped and sorted out on Sunday after I came back from work, and delivered it at the Sunday brunch at the house. Then I came home and cleaned. The place was a screaming mess with all the bubble wrap, etc., around.

The photographer's pictures are ready ... won't link to it since I don't have permission ... and Ayse says that they have 1400 prints to sort through, since the tables had the ObDisposableCameras on them.

Hi Charlotte - I'm considering getting married at Kennedy Grove/Fern Cottage next year (it's on my list of possible locations) and I was hoping you could put me in contact with the bride of the wedding you attended there, Ayse. I can't seem to find any reviews online for the location, and I'd love to hear opinions from a real person. If you are still in touch with her, would you please have her contact me? I'm snarkmeister@gmail.com. Thanks so much!
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