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Saturday, July 26, 2003

It Really Is Summer

I haven't been energetic enough to go to the Farmer's Market yet this year, but I did see Heirloom Tomatoes for sale at The Produce Center (and at Andronico's too, for $2/lb more). I plunked out the premium (they're less at the Farmer's Market) to get one Brandywine and one I think Black Prince (or Purple Cherokee). TOMATO SANDWICH FOR LUNCH!!!!! FIRST OF THE SUMMER!!!! YEEEHAW!! Tomato slices, sourdough bread, and Real Mayo. Food. Of. The. Gods.

Passed on the Berkeley Bowl last night - might brave it late at night this weekend (hahahaha). Had a doc's appointment yesterday and decided to go home, make a steak taco, and let the meds take effect. I've been pretty wiped out.

Today's cooking goals: raspberry muffins (rasp. are still good, amazingly) and middle eastern chopped salad. Maybe pita or That Soybean Stuff tomorrow if I recover some of my energy. I might go Middle Eastern in Full Effect since the lemon tree is still LOADED with lemons ... time to try Preserved Lemons. I have a large box of kosher salt already. And it is supposed to be ace with roast chicken (one of my favorite dishes these days).

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