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Saturday, July 12, 2003

Back to a more normal schedule

I composed a long post about my adventures in the last few weeks, and they have been many. But it got munched by Blogspot, and I had stupidly deleted the original. Grrrr.

So I will redo at some point in the not too distant future.

I have had a cold so I have been very low energy. But I feel like cooking today. I got a Cuisinart combo Smart Power Duet Food Processor/Blender for my birthday (got it the 27th during the family reunion/anniversary party) and it is da bomb. I had the brilliant idea on Thursday night that I could shred the cheese and chop the onions and peppers for the enchiladas and save myself some effort. So I will be trying this out. I certainly put the thing through its paces on July 4 for the party - it pulverized graham crackers for crumb crust for the fresh berry pie (from the recent Cook's Illustrated), pureed the berry filling for said pie, and made Ranee's hummus in about two minutes flat. Beats tar out of the mini-chop, which is going in the giveaway box. I am really thinking of trying to make some standard pie pastry in it but My Month of Food has left me at the top of my desireable weight range. I might do it anyway since I have the small pie tins and some yummy, yummy peaches.

Off to make some huevos rancheros for my breakfast before I go up to North Berkeley and do my food shopping run.

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