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Monday, June 02, 2003

Having a heat wave ...

Made chicken salad for myself for the first time. I eat it but not often, and I've just gotten back into the habit of buying chicken. Had breast meat that needed eating. It's a warm day and I don't want to do anything elaborate. But how to fix?

Got the brillant idea of checking Laurie Colwin for suggestions and came up with a winner - curried mayo, with raisins and pecans (which I toasted). Added celery to her suggestions. Did NOT make the curry powder myself according to spec but added a big pinch of ginger to the jarred stuff. Very tasty and no need to go to the grocery to replenish my diminishing stores since I had all the stuff. I was also pleased with myself for winging it (no "exact recipe"). I will make the curry Laurie's way when I have the spices totally organized.

Looked up chicken salad variants in "How to Cook without a Book" and Pam's curried chicken was pretty similar. No pecans which I think did add a certain flair (and was worth turning the oven on briefly for to toast).

I will try salsa verde (Italian style, not mexican) a la Cook's Illustrated with the remaining chicken boob. Thinking of what to have with that (pasta?) Need to eat that soon.

No furniture moving tonight but will need to stop by Andronico's for fish. It will also likely be warm tomorrow - the wind is not blowing like crazy in the trees outside my windows and that is A Sign.

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