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Sunday, June 01, 2003

cat food, human food

Spent a lot of last weekend cooking, and still eating a lot of it. Frittata for breakfasts - good idea, will repeat in smaller quantities (finished this am). Raspberry muffins (in freezer for breakfasts next week). Salmon (for me and the cat). Middle eastern chopped salad (just finished that today). A big pan of enchiladas (black bean and corn - corn was 5 for $1 at safeway) - lunch tomorrow and Tuesday. Truffle centers.

I need to form the truffles and recontainerize the chicken broth for freezing. Also see if the asparagus and mushrooms are any good (asparagus and mushroom cream pasta sauce sounds good and a nice break from all the mexican food I've been eating lately :-).

The cat trots along quite nicely when I open up a jar of baby food chicken. I knew she was basically ok when that happened :-). But she was not interested in the salad shrimp.

Halibut on special at Andronicos - will get some since I will feed Furniture Movers tomorrow night. halibut, rice, asparagus - late spring menu.

Shopping/cooking nights probably Tues and Weds, if I don't have a wake to go to.

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