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Sunday, May 04, 2003

Those lemon cookies

... were incredible, even without the tea. I made them up (almost forgot to fold the zest in! and I was annoyed that I had to zest about five lemons for the amount! good thing I went into cleanup mode almost instantly and saw the measure with the zest in it right after I put the dough in to chill) and baked 10 (all my sheet will hold - they spread) before I got tired and decided it was really time for me to saute up some peppers and onions so I could have tacos for dinner. I ate every last one of them last night - a couple when they came out for Quality Control, and the rest after dinner while I was spudding out with a book. They weren't tiny cookies, either. This is a lot for me to be eating. Although stacked together they were probably about the size of a large piece of cake.

I soaked some cannellini beans for minestrone (it will use up some veggie bin stuff that needs to be used) and hope to make it up today, as well as finally doing the asparagus enchiladas (the asparagus needs to be used up too). As well as baking the rest of the cookies. Which I hope to not inhale this time. Damn they were good.

Found a second box of cornstarch when I was organizing some of the pantry shelves yesterday - might attempt pudding-from-scratch with it. Hmm, "Luscious Lemon Desserts" has a lemon pudding recipe ... and it would use those lemons I denuded of their zest yesterday ... hee. Shoulda got the dozen eggs instead of the half dozen :-).

Off to the kitchen - going to try to make the minestrone and cookies, then do some Retail Madness if the weather cooperates. If it doesn't, I'll probably start on the enchiladas. Good day to keep the oven on (and find the contact for the people who supposedly fixed my heater with the home warranty, but that's not for a food blog).

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