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Saturday, May 24, 2003

The cat is home, and not in a box

and I am making some chicken broth for her out of the chicken backs I've been saving. Well, I was going to do that anyway this weekend, but the invalid gets first shot. I bought some salmon for me, although I'm eating most of it, and some salad shrimp for her (it was on special) at Andronico's fish counter this morning while I was shopping. She hasn't had much of an appetite so I want to give her super tasty things.

Last night things were so much better on the cat front that I started moving away from my junk food diet of late and roasted the chicken I bought Wednesday. And ate the strawberries. Mmmm. More cooking this weekend, keeping an eye open for the recovering cat.

Summer is on its way ... had my first corn on the cob last night, thanks to Elaine. Passed along the tip of bringing water to the
boil and then taking it off heat and covering it. She also didn't know that corn on the cob microwaves well in cling wrap.

(I was Miss Cooking Tips this week. Subs for actual cooking I guess.)

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