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Friday, May 02, 2003

Back out of entertaining mode

My little lunch party on Wednesday went well, despite some spaciness on my part. The guests chatted while I finished up the preps. I had seriously simplified due to work commitments and monster cramps on Monday so the only "pre prep" job I ended up doing on Wednesday was dipping the lemon truffles (which turned out well and looked SO COOL with the little bit of candied lemon peel on the top).

Lunch was baked salmon (marinated in rice wine) served with Chinese black bean-ginger sauce, rice (cooked with Trader Joe's fish broth), and roast asparagus. Dessert, except for the truffles I dipped that morning, came from the freezer - ginger cookies, the serious mocha cookies, and kahlua truffles. My recipe page has some of these and hopefully will have more before too long - it's due for an overhaul and since I'm NOT WORKING and NOT ON CALL this weekend I might do it.

My guests wanted tea afterwards and both wanted the same kind so I made it in the pot. I pulled down the Good Teacups on a whim Just Because and was pleased that I used them. I still have a dirty sink because I haven't had the energy to hand wash them but that's okay.

I have also been enjoying the leftover black bean sauce on stuff. Today's lunch was the last of the roast chicken, snap peas, and the sauce. Tasty. I made a big decision to not go to the Berkeley Bowl tonight, which means I won't go till Monday or Tuesday since weekends are impossible, and instead cook up stuff that's in the fridge. I still want to make asparagus enchiladas (and they will be tasty in this wet weather) and the fridge supplies will take me through at least Monday.

I also really want to make some lemon cookies from my new Luscious Lemon Desserts cookbook. Which I will have with some tea. Drinking from one of my floral mugs or one of my grandmother's teacups. Probably as I spud out with a nice trashy novel.

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