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Sunday, April 20, 2003

One of the advantages to being a grownup

Last night's dinner - guacamole and chips. With a mystery novel. Read and eaten in bed. I managed to not slop guac on the book (for once).

The avocadoes had gotten really ripe all at once. Might have to go shopping at the Berkeley Bowl after all since 49-cent avocadoes (the size which you're lucky to get in the 4 for $4 bag at other markets) are tough to resist. Once I get some more tahini though (can pick it up at Raley's on my way outta Tomatoland) I will try to eat up what I have. The tahini is so I can make more hummus if I want.

Got corn tortillas and Jack to make some asparagus enchiladas. Not tonight since I will probably clean again but some time next week.

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