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Wednesday, April 23, 2003

Not much cooking

Been at the office late. I am starting to Just Do It though - was wimping out on making an asparagus mushroom sauce for the dinner the night I was planning to be stuck at the office, decided to boil the noodles in the morning anyway, and put some tapenade in it. Then thought "I have goat cheese". Then thought "red bell pepper". And parsley too. It wasn't bad for about five minutes of effort.

Reading some food blogs (my, this is a circular world sometimes) and was enchanted by an entry on Bread, Coffee, Chocolate, Yoga about nuns who support their convent by making chocolates (and who now have a web site so they can do that Internet thing and find more customers). Here's an article and here's the site. I loved the bit about how the computer "leaves more time and energy for the spiritual tasks: prayer and making chocolate". Heh.

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