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Saturday, April 26, 2003


Well, I managed to scorch the chocolate, in the microwave, yet. And yes, I checked it part way through. Managed to get about half of it out and use some more to make up the eight ounces.

But, oh, my, the lemon oil smells divine. It perfumed half the room when I opened up the tiny bottle.

And I have apparently worked through my unsalted butter supply in the freezer with my baking binge. Funny. I bought salted butter last night on special. Will get some (at a higher price) at the other store this morning.

Will see how much energy I have for production cooking today since my period started and I do have a lot of necessary cleaning to do before Wednesday (before Monday when the cleaners come, actually) and it's an energy conservation thing. My plans to make more cookies might be abandoned ... but at least I have the ginger and the chocolate ones in the freezer. Had been thinking ... surprise ... LEMON cookies ;-).

Although in one of my weird weekend morning energy bursts, I started pulling out all the spice jars in the kitchen. Realized that this is what I should NOT be doing right now and put them all back, slightly rearranged. Did find my Penzey's Sunny Paris, though ... when I conveniently have a fresh chicken in the fridge waiting to be cooked ;-).

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