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Friday, April 25, 2003

It's Friday, finally

So after I crowed about Just Doing It, I had a day when I didn't cook (or otherwise prepare) anything I ate. Three hours sleep will do that to a person. Still. Want. Coffee.

I went to the Berkeley Bowl tonight ... supplies were getting low. Got staples and most of what I needed for entertaining a couple of people to lunch on Weds (it's my "comp day" - scare quotes because my employer doesn't do that officially). No parking lot weirdness and I saw something new - this happens at the Bowl a lot - fresh garbanzo beans in the shell. They come two to a small shell, like peanuts. If they're still there next time I might get some and try hummus with them.

Brain is thinking more along normal directions today. Will be attempting lemon truffles thanks to inspiration from "Luscious Lemon Desserts" - believe me, most people think I kill for chocolate because of the truffles, but really I kill for lemon, custard, and raspberries/blackberries. (all three together is divine, especially if there's butter cake with it.) Happily I have eight ounces of chocolate left over from the last round of dipping - put an empty bowl on the scale, zeroed it, put the bowl with chocolate on, and voila. That makes recipe conversion easy.

Chopped salad ... more hummus ... roast chicken ... black bean sauce for the lunch ... asparagus enchiladas ... something for breakfasts ... should be a Power Cooking and Power Cleaning weekend.

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