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Saturday, April 19, 2003

Hot Cross Buns

for Easter Saturday breakfast. And two more for tomorrow. Thanks to the Cheese Board!

This is not going to be much of a cooking or even eating day. I did dip some truffles this morning for Easter lunch and will probably get some more tahini this afternoon so I can make more hummus (using my immersion blender worked great with the canned beans). Actually my "fast day" supper was so pretty that I ended up taking a picture - I made the hummus and put it in a bowl on the plate, arranged the chopped salad on two sides (like at 12 and 6 o'clock), put a dolma on each side of that, and then the two halved pita in the spots that were left. Poetic! I didn't even eat the dolma, I was so full.

Today is going to be a cleaning day so definitely "eat what's in the fridge". Happily I have lots of good things - steak, bread for sandwiches (goat cheese or steak), spinach-potato soup (which was from Martha Stewart Living and kind of boring till I salted it more and put a shot of Trader Joe's Garlic Oil [think this is off label Boyajian] in it), and the middle eastern chopped salad (aka "middle eastern salsa cruda") and hummus.

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